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We provide Occupational Therapy services to all populations

Therandipity, LLC evaluates and develops individualized intervention and treatment plans with pediatrics, adolescence, adults, and geriatrics with but not limited to the following:
·      Autism Spectrum Disorder
·      Developmental delays
·      Intellectual disabilities
·      Down Syndrome
·      Hypotonia
·      Attention deficit disorder
·      Handwriting difficulties/Dysgraphia
·      Sensory processing disorder
·      Behavioral disorders
·      Cerebral palsy
·      Oral motor deficits
·      Picky eating
·      Visual motor and perceptual deficits
·      Fine motor deficits impacting hand writing, tying shoes, buttoning pants, etc.·      Gross motor and motor planning deficits impacting walking, running, skipping, jumping, etc.
·      Primitive reflex integration
·      Mental disorders; anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood, personality disorders, etc.
·      Brachial plexus injuries
·      Strokes
·      Traumatic brain injuries
·      Spinal cord injuries
·      Muscular dystrophy
·      Multiple sclerosis
·      Lymphedema
·      Vertigo
·      Cardiac conditions
·      Fibromyalgia
·      Orthopedic injuries/surgeries
·      Hand, elbow, shoulder, neck, back injuries/pain
·      Home assessment and modification recommendations for aging in place
·      Geriatric rehabilitation

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